Tarte Tartlette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

It came as no surprise that when my Tartlette In Bloom eyeshadow palette started “hitting way too many pans” that I just HAD to order another palette! This time I decided to go for the Tarte Toasted Palette as its also a great every-day-wear palette. This is by far the best quality eyeshadow that I’ve ever used before with the most gorgeous pigmented shades that blend like a dream!

I hate to repeat myself but the Tartlette Toasted palette comes with 12 incredibly soft, pigmented and oh-so-buttery shades that glides on smoothly, the packaging is fire (literally the printed pattern is fire lol) and a little really goes a long way as you only need to tap your brush lightly to pick up enough eyeshadow.

The shades are warm and rich and you are spoilt with 7 matte’s and 5 shimmers. I remember when I was doing my swatch tests that I had to be extra careful not to press too hard into the pan as some of the shades really are buttery! Not the type of buttery that it falls apart after one use but the buttery type where the softest pressure will pick up enough pigment so you don’t need to dab your eyeshadow brush repetitively. Its also worth to mention that this is more of an autumn/winter eyeshadow palette but I’ve been using it all summer long and it wears so well! Think romantic copper beachy looks yasssss!

I noticed there were a few slight similarities between the Tartlette In Bloom and Tartlette Toasted palettes – “funny girl” and “candle” looked very similar as well as “leader” and “fireside”. Still not complaining though as both were just about done in my old palette. I loved the presence of the red undertone/and burnt orange shades but missed the coal/black shade in the new palette. As you can tell both palettes had their own unique thing that I loved so I definitely think I’ll be restocking on both of them once Toasted runs out.

Retails for £38 on the Tarte website and worth every. single. penny.

Below are some swatches and a look I created, let me know what you think?


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