3 Ways To Make Your Self-Tan Last

There isn’t anything quite disappointing than your self-tan fading after just a few days! Before I started using Caribbean Tan products I always thought I could just apply my self-tan and that’s that…only to find my skin start to flake, looking dry and my self-tan sadly disappearing. So here are 3 ways to make your self-tan last.

You will have already known how much I love this brand, I’ve previously written about it HERE. Caribbean Tan have extended their self-tan and tan care range to include both pre and post tan products which means your self-tan can last up to 2 weeks if maintained correctly.

Here are 3 products from Caribbean Tan that will make your self-tan last:

Skin Smoothing Exfoliator – Cinnamon & Coconut R54.95

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! I can’t begin to tell you what an important step this is in your self-tan routine. Besides this smelling like freshly baked pancakes and its kind of hard not to dip your finger in to taste some… it does a stellar job at removing dead skin cells which also means no blotching of the self-tan product. Focus on areas such as knees, elbows, feet and ankles as those are generally dry areas of our body and will absorb more of the product.

It feels like any sugar scrub would and is enriched with Jajoba oil to moisturize your skin in preparation for application of your Caribbean Tan.

Skin Hydrating Body Butter – Milk & Honey Tan X-Tender R54.95

To make your Caribbean Tan last up to 2 weeks it’s important that you use a good body butter together with an exfoliator. The last thing you want is for your gorgeous looking self-tan to become dry and flaky which is why you need to stay moisturized. I always made this mistake with other self-tan products from other brands, mainly because they didn’t extend their range to include pre and post tan products.

Caribbean Tan have included a lovely body butter as part of their tan care range and it does a great job at keeping your skin glowing and moisturized. Use daily to keep your tan looking fresh.

Tinted Skin Glow Shimmer R54.95

Another one of my most favourite Caribbean Tan products. This shimmer lotion gives your skin just the right amount of sparkle whilst making the small imperfections of your self-tan less noticeable. It’s slightly tinted so I’d definitely use this product day or night to enhance the glow of my skin and my tan – love this!

Now for the Do’s and Dont’s of using self-tan products. By following these easy guidelines you can achieve a professional looking tan:


Shave at least a day before you apply any self-tan product

Exfoliate 24 hours before tanning to remove dead skin cells and to moisturise your skin

Moisturise daily using Caribbean Tan’s Milk & Honey Tan X-Tender

Wear loose fitting clothes (preferably dark clothes) for at least 8 hours after application

Apply tan using circular motions to avoid streaking


Take long baths, a shower will be less abrasive to your tan

Swim in chlorinated pools for long periods of time

Wear any clothing that could leave distinct lines (tight clothing)

Shower before the the products recommended curing time (usually 8 hours)

Use a shade too dark for your skin otherwise you’ll end up looking fake. Choose Colour A/B for fair – normal skin and Colour B/C for normal – tanned skin

Again all Caribbean Tan products can be purchased at Clicks, Dischem and Takealot.com



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      It really is amazing! Can see myself using it the whole year round! 🙂

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