Petticoat Parlour Launches Painless Laser Hair Removal

Petticoat Parlour Launches Painless Laser Hair Removal
Pain free? Yes you heard right! Now those dreaded trips to the salon for your laser treatments don’t need to be a painful experience any longer with the latest laser technology brought to you by eLase and Petticoat Parlour.

This week Petticoat Parlour launched world class laser hair removal that is not only safe and effective, but most of all you’ll feel nothing more than a little tickle to the skin (we even gave it a try). Petticoat Parlour are one of only 2 places that offers this brilliant type of hair removal treatment in Cape Town and it’s rapidly becoming the best hair removal alternative on the market.

How does it work?

The eLase delivers high frequency and lower energy and is powered by elōs technology which is the first and only technology that uses combined energies. Together with it’s built in cooling tip it ensures constant skin surface protection, safety and comfort during treatments.

Treatment times are far shorter which means you could literally do it in a lunch break and hair growth is visibly reduced after each session. Now if you aren’t new to laser treatments, you’d know that treatments could be a bit more challenging where lighter hair or darker skin is concerned. But only elōs tehnology is proven to remove lighter colored hair on all skin tones, plus there is no downtime!

To make your booking you can contact Petticoat Parlour on 021 434 9484
Facebook: Petticoat Parlour
Twitter: @Petticoat_
Instagram: Petticoat_Parlour
Prices range between R450 – R2800


Well done to The Little Black Book PR & Events for hosting yet another great launch and to Cruz Vodka, Bottlegreen Drinks and GushiSushi for the exceptional food and drinks throughout the evening. A special thanks to Petticoat Parlour for our gorgeous goodie bags 🙂

Now for some photo’s! More about this stunning retro styled beauty salon can be found on this blog post.



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