5 Mascara’s For Every Budget

Over the last few weeks I’ve been testing out a few new mascara’s that I received recently. Some are rave products which I know so many people love and some new kids on the block too so I’ll be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly on 5 mascara’s for every budget that have made their way into my beauty box.

I must admit that it was a bit difficult putting faith in another mascara since I’ve been using the same one for so long and I just think why should you change something if it works for you. Also there are 100’s upon 100’s of mascara’s on the market all claiming to give dramatic volume and length and although I can’t review them all (yet) I’ve managed to try out 5 from popular brands and I think this will help you for your next mascara purchase.

Essence Multi Action Volume Mascara (R47.95)

I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on this mascara wand that it would do magical things to my eyelashes! It is said that “the conic shape of the elastomer brush covers each individual lash for wispy and fanned-out lashes”.

First of all I swear by elastomer mascara brushes as opposed to the conventional mascara brush. I just find that it brushes through your lashes effortlessly without leaving clumps behind but at the same time still transfers a lot of the product to your lashes. This one’s a definite winner!

Benefit Roller Lash (R295.00)

The first thing that caught my eye was the ultra-gorgeous packaging – a definite eye-catcher. So the Benefit Roller Lash has received all the rage from beauty fanatics all over the world and I could see why! It also has a nice firm elastomer brush which is slightly curved to go with the shape of your lash – this means that it also just glides through your eyelashes, no clumps, maximum volume, maximum length!

However, it does pretty much the same thing as the Essence Multi Action so depending on your budget, you could buy the same thing more or less for R247.00 less! I don’t think I’m too comfortable spending nearly R300.00 on mascara – but that’s just me!

GOSH Boombastic Swirl Mascara (R145.00)

This is one of the new ones released by GOSH and again the mascara wand got me all excited to try it out! With its giant swirled rubber brush it is said to create spectacular volume and length although I must disagree. It combed nicely through my lashes but I felt it didn’t add enough mascara to my lashes.

I would however continue using it because its infused with Argan Oil which leaves your lashes stronger, nourished and moisturized so I really liked that about the new GOSH Boombastic mascara.

GOSH Boombastic XXL Volume Mascara (R145.00)

Now THIS is a strong contender! Currently a GOSH best seller and I can’t even disagree one bit! A very basic brush which I noticed is also a bit longer. The tiny bristles are a lot shorter than most elastomer/rubber brushes so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with its effectiveness.

Because of its short bristles your eyelashes can look a bit too thick (or spidery) so be careful not to add too many coats. Otherwise I love this mascara and will be going back for more.

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof (R53.95)

This is a sister waterproof version to the Essence I Love Volume Mascara. I believe that you should always have a spare waterproof mascara in your stash for those swimming days however this one didn’t do it for me. Not for the fact that it wasn’t not-waterproof but because the brush wasn’t nice to use.

Yes it has an extra-large brush which would sound great for volume but its increased size meant that I was touching my eyelids with the brush which meant extra clean up time. Also, the brush didn’t hold enough mascara so I had to apply extra coats.

Have you tried any of these? Which were your favorite?

♥ Another Mascara I love is the one from Diego Dalla Palma, read more HERE.



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      March 28, 2016 / 10:16 PM

      Couldn’t agree more! Which one was your favorite? xx

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