La Roche-Posay Serum Review

If you were looking for a reason why you should start incorporating serums into your skincare routine then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve just recently started with serums and did a bit of research on the best brands to use. La Roche-Posay came up as an obvious favourite so I wanted to do a La Roche-Posay Serum review and explain to you exactly why this is a MUST-HAVE product! The two that I bought are the Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum for my night time routine and the Pure Vitamin C10 Serum for my morning routine. Below I’ll explain a bit more as to why I use each serum at a certain time of day so keep reading.

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Pure Vitamin C10 Serum

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Vitamin C serum is all the rage now and if you’ve not added it to your skincare routine yet then you might want to after reading this. Saying this I only added it to my skincare routine about 6-8 months ago, my main motivator for adding it to my skincare routine was to brighten and boost my skin complexion and make it look more radiant. Because I always drown myself in SPF and wear foundation practically every day my skin does tend to look a bit dull. Vitamin C is said to protect the skin from sunburn, photoaging, hyperpigmentation and helps an uneven skin tone. Some even claim that it prevents or reverses ageing which I don’t agree with! NOTHING prevents ageing! We can do a lot to slow down the ageing process and strengthen our skin structure but no serum will just stop ageing – that’s BS.

What I liked about the Vitamin C Serum

I’m on my second bottle of La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum and its firmly set into my skincare routine now. Remember before when I said that I use this as part of my morning skin routine? That’s because Vitamin C helps protect your skin from pollution, ultraviolet light and free radicals which are all things you’re exposed to during the day. I use it under my makeup and so far it’s had no negative effect on my makeup wearability. In terms of my skin looking brighter and more radiant? I’m going to have to say no to this one. My skin tone still looks exactly the same as it did before but at least now I know it’s getting that extra layer of protection it didn’t have before. I really like the way it feels on my skin and how easy it blends, it’s got a very subtle sweet scent but nothing too overpowering.

What I didn’t like about it

I’d say the only thing I didn’t like about it was that towards the end of my bottle that my serum started turning a dark orange colour. This is called oxidation and happens when an active ingredient like vitamin C becomes exposed to air, light and heat. When this happens it loses its potency and its your queue to toss it in the bin. This is a common problem with dropper bottles filled with active ingredient products. With opening and closing the bottle everyday this is bound to happen.

Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

TarrynLondon-la-roche posay hyalu b5 vitamin c-serum

Another skincare ingredient that is hot on everyone’s lips! In fact not only is it being added into skincare products, but into makeup, lip balms and even body lotions. It’s almost like skincare brands have just started adding hyaluronic acid to everything to market their products better knowing that people are more likely to purchase a product with hyaluronic acid. But what is hyaluronic acid exactly and what purpose does it serve?

Hyaluronic acid is already naturally found in our bodies and is known as a humectant which basically means that it holds onto water. It acts as a tiny sponge that draws in water to quench and plump the skin which is why you always see marketing adverts say it holds 1,000 times its weight. Because of this, in order for hyaluronic acid to work effectively it’s best to apply it to damp skin.

Hyaluronic acid can’t actually penetrate your skin

Hyaluronic acid is usually the selling point with most anti-ageing products. But the sad truth is that it only really works when it penetrates your skin with a needle. Usually in the form of popular filler injectables like Restylane and Juvederm which are essentially just hyaluronic acid! When you get these fillers it works like a sponge in that it swells up with water to create a plumper look. Now the problem with topical hyaluronic acid is that because it’s a macromolecule, the molecules are too big to pass through the epidermis. So to say that it will simply erase your fine lines and wrinkles is a myth. However, the La Roche-Posay serum is said to have a formula that contains two different sized molecules of Hyaluronic Acid. The larger molecule works on the surface of the skin to reduce wrinkles and re-plump the skin. The smaller molecule is able to penetrate more deeply into the skin to increase skin volume which does make me hopeful about using it.

What it is good for

What hyaluronic acid serum is good for is that it adds so much extra moisture which does help plump your skin and make your fine lines smoother. It does so without adding any oil so its very lightweight on the skin. I love this one from La Roche-Posay, it smells divine and fresh and just soaks into the skin. I personally use mine as part of my night time skin routine as I already use vitamin C for my morning routine however you can use hyaluronic acid both day and night.

These are great assets to add to your skincare routine if you’re just starting out with serums and don’t forget that right now you can get 25% off on the website.

TarrynLondon-la-roche posay hyalu b5 vitamin c-serum

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