Does Hairburst Really Make Your Hair Grow?

Do you struggle to grow your hair? For me hair growth (or lack thereof) only became a real problem for me once I moved to London in 2017. Now I know the first thing you’re going to say is ‘but the hard water…’ and although that could be one of the factors, there are still many people living in London that have no problem with hair growth. I’ve tried A LOT of things to help my hair grow which is how I stumbled upon Hairburst. Hairburst is popularly known for being a brilliant hair growth product with rave reviews by many but does it ACTUALLY work?

Someone told me a few months ago how Hairburst helped their hair grow and I’m all about personal reviews from real people that aren’t getting paid for their opinions. Now at this point I had already tried cinnamon & coconut oil hair masks, Biotin, Perfectil Hair Supplements and Olaplex Treatments, none which have had any effect on my hair growth so of course I was excited to try out Hairburst. The products are quite pricey so I shopped around and luckily Hairburst is one of those brands that you are almost guaranteed to find an offer at any of the leading drugstores.

Hairburst is paraben-free

I bought the shampoo and conditioner combo and the daily vitamins to start. The shampoo and conditioner smell really good! They have a lovely tropical coconut scent and all products are vegan and cruelty free. In addition there aren’t any nasties so SLS and paraben-free too! Both the shampoo and conditioner have lasted me a full 2 months but this could be largely due to me not washing my hair every second day anymore. I didn’t notice any remarkable difference in the look and texture of my hair since using the Hairburst shampoo and conditioner but it was good to know that my hair was getting a quality product.

I bought 2 months worth of vitamins because I really wanted to give my hair growth journey a fair chance. They always say when struggling with hair growth that you should try and fix the problem from within. The hair vitamins are packed with essential hair growth vitamins and nutrients and you only need to take two a day. Once I finished the normal Hairburst vitamins I moved over to the vitamins aimed at women 35 years and up. I’m only 31 but that doesn’t mean you’re completed barred from using the 35+ vitamins. The only difference is that these ones have added collagen which is a great for skin and hair! wrote a great post on the importance of collagen which you can check out HERE.

As you can see, no difference

I started my Hairburst journey on the 18th October 2020 and will be showing you my results for a full 12 months. As you will see by my before and after photo below, there’s been no massive difference to the length and thickness of my hair. Any slight growth is only what would’ve normally grown naturally without Hairburst anyway.

UPDATE: I had a very small trim after the 18th December 2020 just to even out the length as you can see there are a lot of broken pieces from the hair extensions I had in. Looking at my 6 month after photo my hair is starting to look fuller and thicker. Longer? Not so much. Even then, could this just be natural growth that would’ve happened without Hairburst?

Now I purchased Hairburst based purely on the fact that my hair would start growing at supersonic speed and I think that’s probably why a lot of other people buy it too. However if you read the info on their website they clearly explain that their product helps your hair grow stronger. Notice they don’t say longer? I think a lot of people have the misconception that by using Hairburst that their hair will just start growing like crazy which is not true. The idea is that stronger hair won’t break as easily and then of course, naturally, will grow longer. They also say that after 1 month your hair begins to grow faster, and let’s be honest here, looking at my pic above this definitely wasn’t the case!

The misleading reviews you see online

Looking at these photos that I pulled from Hairburst, don’t you think its strange that they all started out with a straight cut and then grew into a more blended style? Could it be that the ‘after’ shots are actually the ‘before’ shots? As in they had long hair before and then they just trimmed the hair into a choppy straight cut? Or could it be that the after shots are just after hair extensions? I get hair extensions quite often so I know what they look like when they’ve just been put in and the photo in the bottom left looks like it could very well be fresh extensions.

I’ve read a lot of reviews on the Hairburst Facebook and Instagram pages, one woman even said how Hairburst really helped hair loss following childbirth. Now we all know how pregnancy affects hair loss and that as soon as you have your baby and your hormones start to regulate again, your hair will return – with or without the use of Hairburst. Yet she believed that Hairburst was solely the reason which I need to disagree with. Perhaps there are people who have found success with using Hairburst. But from myself, someone that struggles with hair growth, Hairburst did not give me the same results they advertise.


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