Get Tanned This Summer With Caribbean Tan!

I’ve always been a huge fan of self-tan products, mainly because it’s quick and easy to use, it makes you look slimmer (yes it really does I promise!) and it does absolutely no harm to your skin! I must admit, I am one of those winter tan cheats – you know, one of those people that rock up at work on Spring Day wearing a bright floral dress and a gorgeous looking tan and everyone’s like: how did you get tanned so quickly!? Well here’s my secret: Caribbean Tan!

Caribbean Tan recently sent over a few products for me to try out and I was excited to start using them. They’re an award winning brand claiming the title as best self-tan product. I’ve heard only good things about their self-tan and tan care range from models, professional ball room dancers and pretty much anyone that spends a lot of time in the spotlight. And seriously, if former Miss South Africa, Cindy Nell is using it, then so am I 🙂

Caribbean Tan is also a Proudly South African product and they don’t test on animals! Yay for our fur babies! 🙂

Below are products from their self-tan range and I’m sure anyone would be able to find a product that suits their skin type:

Instant Colour Tanning Spritzer (B Colour/Beige) R94.95

The spritzer is perfect for beginners as you can see exactly where the product has been applied (it looks similar to black coffee). I love that it comes with a free reusable tanning mitt included in the box so no more strange looking tanned palms. The spritzer gives you a rich deep instant tan so it’s perfect for if you need a quick tan before an event as it develops over 8 hours and only takes 5 minutes to dry.

It has a fresh scent once applied. I personally don’t enjoy the after-scent of any self-tan product but many people do, so I guess that’s just personal preference. It gave me an instant tan as promised although I should probably opt for a darker shade (C Colour/Brown/Tanned) seeing as though my skin is already naturally tanned.

Instant Colour Tan In A Can (C Colour/Tanned) R94.95

I probably enjoyed this one the most as it’s quite the same as if you were to go have a professional tan done in the “Tan Can”. The Tan In A Can applies just as you would use a deodorant so it’s really easy to use. Again another instant self-tan that will give you an immediate bronzed tan (okay let’s say 10 minutes to be fair). It looks similar in colour to the Tanning Spritzer (black coffee-like) and also doesn’t smell bad when applied.

10 minutes to dry and develops to full colour over 8 hours. This one would probably be my first choice as it gives instant results for an impatient person like myself 🙂

Gradual Colour Tan In A Can (B Colour/Beige) R94.95

This one does pretty much the same thing as the Instant Tan except you won’t see immediate results. The gradual colour tan would be perfect for if you want to do a night-time tan before you get into bed and wake up like you just stepped out of the Caribbean. The liquid is clear so you just need to make sure you don’t spray too much on one spot.

8 minutes to dry and develops to full colour over 8 hours. Both the Tan In A Can’s can be used on your face as well.

Gradual Colour Bronzing Mousse (B Colour/Beige) R94.95

The bronzing mousse if a firm favourite of many Caribbean Tan users mainly for its super lightweight formula, quick drying and its non-sticky. It really does glide on so smoothly and delivers a gradual even tan. Again the B Colour range might be a bit too light for a tanned skin like mine so I think I definitely need to go for Colour C next time.

3 minutes to dry and develops to full colour over 8 hours.

Caribbean Tan Tanning Wipes R55.00

At first I thought the tanning wipes were meant to be used to “fix” over-tanning problems you may have caused but actually it’s a nifty on-the-go tanning solution. There are 6 individually wrapped tanning wipes which is perfect for popping 1 or 2 in your travel bag. It’s great for if you want to tan your face or just for minor existing tan touch ups.

Plastic Lined Self Tan Application Mitt R24.00

Now if you happen to buy one of the products where a tanning mitt isn’t included, Caribbean Tan have so very thoughtfully included a tanning mitt as part of their self-tan range. You’d use the tanning mitt for the Spritzer and Tan In A Can products.

The tanning mitt helps to remove excess tan from feet and elbows and also prevents your hands from getting stained.

All of these wonderful Caribbean Tan products can be purchased at Clicks, Dischem and online at

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