Dalliance Restaurant – A Different Way To Have Dinner

Dalliance Restaurant – A Different Way To Have Dinner

Now if you’re like me and you spend what feels like hours staring at the menu because you really want to have that steak but you also haven’t had a juicy piece of fish in a long time, but also your heart is telling you to go for the chicken schnitzel because CHICKEN SCHNITZEL! Then… Dalliance is the perfect place for you!

IMG_7693Dalliance is a brand new restaurant that opened up in the V&A Waterfront about 4 months ago – you can find them on the iconic golden mile and they cater so conveniently for people that like to have a bit of everything! Their meals are starter-sized so you can get about 2-3 meals just for yourself – which means that you can have your steak, fish AND chicken!

IMG_7640Dalliance is also owned by The Kove Collection who is well known for owning restaurants such as Pepenero, Paranga, La Belle, Zenzero and The Bungalow.

Untitled-1My date and I decided to get 3 different meals between the 2 of us and we shared all the meals. It was really nice to be able to have different tastes and flavors without feeling like you’ve over indulged as the portions are relatively small yet big enough to share. We ordered the Beef Fillet with Béarnaise Sauce & Skinny Fries, Dalliance Summer Salad and the Butter Chicken Curry with Naan Bread. Jeepers talk about a variety!

P.S. When you order the cocktails, make sure you ask for “The Dalliance” and the “Fresh Mango Daiquiri”. You’ll thank me later 🙂

One of the worst things I could have done when going to Dalliance is taking along a fellow sweet-tooth human. You can only imagine what went down… As you’d guess by now, we went ALL OUT for the desserts – we ordered 4 desserts! Yes 4! Because they were small portions and we just had to try them all right??

We had the Crème Caramel with Caramel Ice Cream…


Then the Baked Pineapple Cheesecake…


Then the Iced Nougat… (yes this actually exists in real life!)


And then something that isn’t on the menu because it’s the chef’s specialty – the best Chocolate Fondant I have ever had in my life! Note: Before I left I put in a special request that they add it permanently to their menu!


Dalliance is literally the only place where you can have 4 desserts and not feel like you’re going to have diabetes the next day. Seriously one of the best concept restaurants I’ve been to in a long time and I highly recommend that you pop in there! If and when you do, please let me know how your experience was – I love reading your comments!

For more info and a look at their menu online visit their website: www.dalliancerestaurant.co.za

Or find them on Facebook: Dalliance Restaurant and Bar



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