Claire’s Beauty And Cosmetics Range

Claire’s Beauty And Cosmetics Range

In case you didn’t know!

Claire’s which is best known for having super gorgeous accessories and jewellery at affordable prices, now boast a comprehensive range of beauty products and cosmetics which is equally as impressive as their accessories line.

Find anything from eye shadows, trendy artificial nails, the prettiest makeup brush sets, nailpolishes and bronzers – there’s just so much to choose from! I often find myself standing in the Claire’s isle in Clicks for a solid hour trying to decide what to get! I was so lucky to have found a little Claire’s beauty package on my doorstep and you can just imagine the excitement! Here’s a few of my top picks from their beauty range:

Heart-Shaped Blending Sponges (R96.95)

WTBIMG_9107Obviously these marble colored, heart-shaped blending sponges are the cutest! They can be used for anything from foundation blending to contour blending and the texture and the feel of the sponge feels good too!

Foundation Sponge (R93.90)

WTBIMG_9111WTBIMG_9113Now this is only 1 out of a ton of makeup applicators (sponges/brushes) that Claire’s has available. I love the oval shaped sponge with the pointed tip which makes it so much easier to apply your makeup in hard to reach areas.

The handle is also a nice smooth and solid wooden handle so the quality is very nice. You wont need to worry about the handle coming off with this one or the glue coming loose. I would have maybe chosen a bigger sponge to cover more surface area of your face. Still an impressive brush though!

Eye Glitz Glitter Eye Shadow (R96.95)

WTBIMG_9122WTBIMG_9144Now I know you must be thinking the exact same thing I thought when I opened up this palette: that it looks almost like the ones we used to get when we were 7 years old! I must admit that the glitter payoff is not that great, all the colors are the same except for the red one which has a red and green tint.

Jumbo Eyeliner (R50.90)

WTBIMG_9117WTBIMG_9119A great eyeliner that can be used as an eye shadow too. It’s also got a nice smudger on the other end. Its just as pigmented as you’d expect and easy to apply.

If there are any Claire’s products you love and would like me to try, then let me know in the comments box below!



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