Artdeco Prime and Highlight

Today’s blog is about another makeup brand discovery called Artdeco – I recently just got their Instant Skin Perfector and and Luminous Skin Stick and thought I’d share a few short sentiments on my first impressions of the brand…

Artdeco is a German brand that has just recently been introduced to the UK, as most of you know my love for German makeup brands! They can be purchased on for anyone interested in nabbing a few goodies!

The Artdeco Instant Skin Perfector is bit of a BB Cream and a bit of a tinted primer. I just call it a tinted primer because that’s what I used it for but feel free to use it as you wish. Basically it comes out as an off-white liquid and as soon as you start blending it into the skin the colour pigments are released and blend evenly to your skin tone and complexion.

I’ve been using it for the past few days and must say it primes really well! I’ve been steering clear of silicone based primers lately as I’ve noticed my combination skin makes everything slide off by 5pm. So I definitely rate this if you’re like me and have really oily skin – this is a great primer and retails for about £29.50

The Luminous Skin Stick wasn’t really a favourite of mine simply because I don’t use any cream or liquid type highlighters. I tend to mattify and set my foundation so that it doesn’t move throughout the day and any creamy highlighter just ruins that. However for those lucky enough that can pull off a dewy look you’ll love this as it glides really smoothly onto the skin and is infused with micro fine pearls to give you a lovely subtle glow. This one you can pick up for £19.50

It’s definitely a bit more on the pricey side but from what I’ve tried the quality is good. I saw they had some promising looking foundations too so I might give that a go!


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