3INA Cosmetics Launches in South Africa!

3INA Cosmetics Launches in South Africa!

The month of August is off to a very good start as yet another international makeup brand is set to make its debut in South Africa! We welcome 3INA pronounced MINA or Meen-nuh and they’ll be opening up their very first concept store in Eastgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg.

3INA is the brainchild of retail experts Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve and boy have these 2 men brought us an awesome range of colorful, luxurious and richly pigmented formulas. My first impression of the makeup itself was that it resembled the sleek and simplistic look similar to that of NARS Cosmetics. Don’t get me wrong, they are completely different and I personally love the packaging.

WTB_1021Their new store will boast around 450 new products ranging from foundations, highlighters, eyeliner pens, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows and nail polishes available in nearly every color of the rainbow. They’ll also be offering skin care products and makeup tools to go with their collection. Before I go on and on and on, let me show you some of the products I got:

♥ 3INA Pen Eyeliner R149.95


Seriously! What makes this eyeliner pen better than any other one that I’ve used in my entire existence is that the felt-tip is wiggle-free which means that it won’t bend once pressed to your skin! This is such an important factor when choosing an eyeliner pen as this will ensure that you get sharp, precise wings. No wonder it’s a #1 global seller.

♥ 3INA Longwear Lipstick R149.95

WTB_1044It is said  that the lipstick has rich pigmentation  with a non-drying formula. I got color 211 which is a rich burgundy color – perfect for winter.

♥ 3INA Nail Polish R99.95

WTBIMG_1054In the color 121 which is the matching color to the eyeshadow. It is said that this nail polish provides a smooth glossy color.

♥ 3INA Lip Gloss R149.95

WTB_1048The lip gloss provides a glossy, wet-look effect which can be used on its own or over a lipstick. I didn’t see anything too special with the lipgloss and I probably wouldn’t spend the money on it. In the color 109.

♥ 3INA Eyeshadow R129.95

WTB_1037I got this in the color 127 and it’s the eyeshadow that I’m wearing in all of this blog posts’s photos. The color payoff is really good and I loved the bigger pan size of these individual eyeshadows.

3INA Highlighter R229.95

WTB_0913Out of all my 3INA products this was the one that I was most excited to try out. It gives a soft and silky payoff when applied to the high points of your cheekbones, tip of the nose and cupids bow. I must admit that I expected a lot more glow from this highlighter so for me I would just reapply to get a more highlighted effect.

Overall I’m very happy with this makeup brand and although it’s a bit more expensive than the makeup I usually purchase, I’d say that most of the products are certainly worth it. For those of you in the Gauteng region – there will be another store opening in Menlyn Shopping Centre in Pretoria a little later this year.

No store scheduled for Cape Town yet. For now we’ll just rely on makeup mules…

Connect with 3INA:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3INA

Instagram: @3ina

Website: 3INA



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