3 Essence Lip Products You Should Buy Right Now

So I actually have a ton of things to blog about with the recent release of so much new Essence makeup products, you can expect to see a lot of Essence blog posts going up over the next week or 2. I’ve been working my butt off the last weekend to prep a few posts for the upcoming weeks so that I don’t have an excuse to skip out on gym (again)! I wanted to quickly come on here to tell you about 3 Essence lip products you should buy right now, these are some of their newest products and I absolutely love them!

You may have noticed some of the new Essence goodies in stores and I hope you’ve tried out a few things already. This weekend I tried the Beauty Balms, the Glossy and Velvet Sticks and the Prettifying Lip Oil so if you’re keen to find out more about these new Essence lip products then carry on reading:

Beauty Balm Lipgloss – R38.95

These highly pigmented lipglosses are non-sticky and contains Shea butter and vitamin E to make your lips feel soft and supple. It has a slanted applicator which makes this lipgloss easy to apply.

This lipgloss is quite a thick gloss so spreading it evenly over your lips can be a bit challenging. I personally thought that with a lipgloss as thick as this it should’ve had a brush applicator to make it easier to apply.

The 2 that I swatched were Heartbreaker (left) and Shh, Just Kiss Me (right). These are available in 4 different shades.

Glossy Stick / Velvet Stick – R38.95

I recently got into the whole wearing your lip liner as a lipstick because 1.) its really matt and 2.) it lasts long so I was quite excited to give these a try as they are basically jumbo lip liners.

There are 5 Glossy Sticks and 5 Velvet Sticks. The glossy ones are similar to an ordinary lipstick and the velvet ones are meant to be more matt. I didn’t really see too much of a matt finish with the velvet stick I used, however I only tried 1/5 of the velvet sticks so the other 4 could very well be more matt.

They come in 10 stunning shades and are really easy to apply. The color payoff is also rewarding and just make sure that you get a jumbo sharpener as these ones aren’t twistable.

The 2 that I swatched are Radiant Rose (top) and Cherry Crash (bottom).

Prettifying Lip Oil – R38.95

I remember the first time I saw this it immediately took me back to my childhood days of using those infamous roll-on lipglosses that came in all sorts of fruity flavors! Although these ones do not cost R2.50 like back in the day, they are pretty decent 🙂

These come with doe-foot applicators and are infused with Jojoba Oil to provide your lips with intensive moisture. Needless to say – a must have for dry and chapped winter lips. They offer a subtle-color shine and are available in 3 colours.

Have you added these must-have items to your collection? I’d love to know what you thought about them. Also if there are any of the new Essence products that you would like me to review, let me know in the comments down below!

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